A Blood Money Primer

Edie Harriscraft/writing, reading

Jumping into the series with CRAZED? Forgotten what happened in books one and two? Confused about who’s who? Here’s a (spoiler-free) primer on the Blood Money series and its first family, the Faradays. The Faradays (oldest to youngest) and positions held at Faraday Industries: Casey, Director of Tactical Operations Tobias, Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel  Gillian, Director of Research, … Read More

How to Boss Like a Lady | #GetItTogetherHop

Edie Harriscraft/writing, life, reading

Imma go ahead and drop the TL;DR right here, right now: Time is your most precious commodity Work is hard, but writing is harder You are your best advocate Say “no” sometimes   There. Now you can get back to your daily lives. Here’s the thing, y’all: My priorities have shifted drastically in the past year, in ways I neither anticipated nor found consistently … Read More