Can you ever truly trust the ones you love?

Adam Faraday lost track of his days in captivity long weeks ago. After a ransom demand gone wrong that nearly killed him, he’s decided to stop waiting for rescue and start planning his escape.

The only problem? He refuses to leave without Zaida Nassir, the tough-as-nails doctor who saved his life on the operating table, and whose story is entwined with Adam’s kidnappers…perhaps too entwined.

Zaida committed the cardinal sin of any surgeon: She fell for her patient. Now that patient is breaking out of his prison, grabbing her hand, and dragging them both across deserts and oases and into the heart of an ancient city.

The chase is on from allies and enemies alike, but Adam fears a devious agenda lurks beneath Zaida’s beautiful façade, even as his need for her runs soul deep. Because if you can’t trust those you love, who can you trust?

Digital and print publication date to be announced.


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2018 © Locked by Edie Harris

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