“…an endearing romance between two unlikely lovers, humor, intrigue, and a fast-paced plot full of action and surprises.”USA Today

Shoot first. Ask her name later.

Infamy weighs heavy on Delaney Crawford’s broad shoulders, first as a supposed Confederate turncoat, then as a cold-eyed bounty hunter. Summoned to the small town of Red Creek, the exhausted, embittered Del is doing what he does best when one of his bullets misses the mark.

Ex-nun Moira Tully has been working with John White Horse for months to help integrate a band of Cheyenne with the local townsfolk. Now he’s hurt, and she’s been caught in the crossfire. There’s only one man to blame for her simmering anger and the inexplicable attraction that tilts her heart on its axis: Del.

When Del discovers he’s been brought to Red Creek for nefarious purposes, he must determine the treacherous motives behind his hiring, all while fighting a wild attraction for Moira that catches flame at the most inconvenient moments. But the most heart-wrenching challenge could be overcoming sordid secrets that won’t stay in their pasts—pasts threatening to bury all hope of happily ever after.

Includes bonus novella, Wild Fire!

Wildfires blaze across the Colorado landscape, but the most dangerous fire of all burns between Sheriff Del Crawford and his beloved wife, Moira, as they fight to save their small town and navigate married life on the American frontier. 


He shifted his head out of her grasp and stared up at her. “There is nothing truly painful about this…” he gestured to his face with one hand before returning it to the basin in his lap, “…except the knowledge that, eventually, you’ll stop touching me.” His eyes trapped her. “That’s what hurts. Moira.”

2013, 2017 © by Edie Harris